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Subject: Pew Research survey on the future of trustworthy information online
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    The future of information ecosystems and reliable facts

The Pew Research Center and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center
conduct surveys of important stakeholders like you to assess the likely
future impacts of the Internet. We hope you'll take 10 minutes to share
your thoughts in this new canvassing of experts about technology’s
trajectory in the coming decade.

Our overarching question asks you to weigh in on the likely future of
information and misinformation online in the coming decade.

* You will find a link to the survey in the blue box at the bottom of this

Each elaboration you provide will remain anonymous unless you put your name
and professional identity at the start of it. This is a confidential
survey, however we encourage you to take credit for your remarks as this
lends credibility to the results and contributes to a more vibrant

Please do not share this information widely, but if you know thought
leaders who would contribute meaningful insights on these questions, please
feel free to send them this link:


While we strongly suggest you answer the survey as soon as you receive this
invitation, it will be open through this month. The Pew Research Center and
Elon University will issue a report later in 2017. In addition, your
answers, attributed or anonymous, will also be added to Imagining the
Internet research site.

If you have any questions, please contact one of us.

Thank you!

    Lee Rainie, lrainie at pewInternet.org
    Director, Internet, Science and Technology Research
    Pew Research Center

    Janna Anderson, andersj at elon.edu
    Director, Imagining the Internet Center, Elon University

Begin Survey

Please do not forward this email as its survey link is unique to you.
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