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Subject: Bank of the commons, worldwide banking network for the commons
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Dear all,

I want to introduce you to Bank of the Commons.

Bank of the Commons is an open cooperative initiative to transform
banking, payments and currencies, in order to support the economy used
in cooperative and social movements both at a global and a local level.
We are building another economy for more fair and equal societies

Bank of the Commons adopts Faircoin as a strategic global social
currency and blockchain technology upon which to base the development
and adoption of decentralized financial structures for the Commons.
This will be combined with official currencies since beginning and
progressively with other alternative and social currencies
at local and global level.

Legally, it is based on the networking process of existing cooperative
structures in different parts of the world, and on the creation of an
European Cooperative Society in Italy, which will take care of the
social capital invested in Bank of the Commons, providing it with an
independent legal status.

Since 7th of June 2017 onwards, Bank of the Commons has open its doors,
to begin to offer banking services to our first members.

Already different iniciatives and individuals has joined, as cofounders
and this still is possible until 15 of july (and of course any time is
possible to be normal member)
More than 20 cofounders already joined,

Bank of the commons participants, will assist at the ECA assembly in
Madrid and would like to join the working group on the commons and

More details in the website,

All the best
Cofounder Bank of the Commons

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