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Subject: How to Participate in ECA Madrid (October 25 to 27, partner of
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Dear commoners of the European Commons Assembly,

*The following information is very important for the event, please read
through to the end!*

In the same way we focused our activities during our meeting in Brussels
last November on the European level, our work and our exchanges in Madrid
will concentrate on the municipal/local level for activities and policies. In
Madrid we hope to exchange with, share with, and learn from the commoners
and initiatives of commoning in Madrid and other cities in Spain.

Several ECA thematic workshops will be organized during the assembly
between 25-27 October 2017 under the general topic of the urban commons. In
order to anchor these workshops in the local reality and experiences, each
one will be developed by its participants in collaboration with a local
group carrying on initiatives and actions on the specific topic.

Several urban commons themes have been identified so far:  Public
spaces/urbanism, Refugees and migrants,  Participation of citizens to urban
policies, Culture,  Food,  Housing, Health, Currencies and finances of the
commons, Laws and legal mechanisms that prevent commons, and Technology for

For logistical reasons, we may not be able to accommodate every theme
proposed, but the Coordination team will review your input to decide the
best way to structure the groups. Please, if you wish to join this
Coordination Team for ECA Madrid and help in the ongoing planning, please
write personally to Nicole Leonard (nicole.leonard at sciencespo.fr).

**Expectations and next steps**

In order to organize the working groups for each thematic workshop, we are
introducing a Participation Form (link below) to gather information on
urban commoners and their initiatives. *If you intend to participate in the
Assembly in Madrid, please fill out this form by July 20. *This information
will help the coordinators group together participants to the workshops
around themes. It is a way to ensure meaningful collaboration for the ECA.

For each working group, there will be:

- Collaborative work beforehand to design the workshop itself (together
with professional facilitation – not identified yet)

- A coordinator identified to follow activities and feedback to the
organizing team of the ECA in Madrid

- Identification and contacting of corresponding local Spanish groups (an
on-going process by participants and the organizers of the ECA in Madrid)

- Participation to the workshop in Madrid (together with professional
facilitation – not identified yet)

- Production of final documentation – format to be determined (leaflet of
policy proposals, cards of initiatives, video, etc.) that will allow
sharing among the larger network of the ECA members, with policy makers and
the general public  about the experiences presented and discussed at the
workshop and possible recommendations. This will be done with the support
of a documentation team/professionals that will help us, provided we find
the financing.

The link to the form follows. Please feel free to share this email with
individuals you think would be willing to participate.

*Participate in ECA Madrid: https://goo.gl/forms/9vID21eSIojQsffk1
<https://goo.gl/forms/9vID21eSIojQsffk1> *

Once the composition of the workshops is determined we will share the
responses within the groups so that they can get in touch to discuss
content and objectives before the meeting – respecting the summer break, of
course :)

We will have limited travel grants available. Please fill out the last
section of the form if you are in need of such a grant so we can assess the

Thank you and we look forward to a great event!

Coordination team for ECA Madrid

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