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capital for the commons

Spanish economist Susana Martin Belmonte’s work is nothing less than
groundbreaking. Among other things, she deals with the emergence of the
pro-sumer class, P2P production and distribution, the Commons, and the
potential of social and alternative currencies at the macro-scale and State
level — not just in isolated pockets. Unfortunately, her work is not widely
available in English and she’s not very well known outside Spain. To change
that, here’s an interview I conducted with her for our “100 Women
Co-creating P2P Society” series. Please read and comment. I will try to get
Susana to join the Loomio group. (BTW, this group has evolved into being
very gender imbalanced).
Susana Martín Belmonte on de-commodification, abundance and capital for the

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“Abundance is a new economic frame in which scarcity cannot be preserved.
Economics used to be about managing scarce resources, but scarcity has
turned out to be not a condition to overcome, but the Holy Grail to access
monetary wealth for some. Meanwhile, it overlooks other types of scarcity,
like our capacity to pollute the air without destroying the planet.

There is no economic value without scarcity. But scarcity is dying in the
highest levels of innovation, in the very heart of the digital revolution.
For the first time, the evolution of the economic system is not leading to
higher productivity or sales, but just the opposite.”

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