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Thu Jun 30 23:44:32 CEST 2016

Dear GTN:

Our JULY discussion will approach GTI=E2=80=99s overarching theme =E2=80=93=
 shaping a
civilized planetary future =E2=80=93 from a fresh angle: the legal effort n=
gaining traction to criminalize the wanton destruction of nature.

Femke Wijdekop takes this on in a new Viewpoint, =E2=80=9CAgainst Ecocide: =
Protection for Earth.=E2=80=9D Femke introduces the idea of the =E2=80=9Cri=
ghts of nature=E2=80=9D
and the history of the concept of =E2=80=9Cecocide.=E2=80=9D However, her p=
rimary focus is
on action, specifically, the movement to add ecocide as a crime against
peace under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

Expanding the juridical architecture for protecting rights will surely be a
vital prong in the systemic movement we so urgently need. But to what
degree can it succeed in isolation? And what is the larger role of law and
legal activism in a Great Transition?

Please read Femke=E2=80=99s short piece at and weigh in with your
thoughts. It will be published in August, along with selected comments
drawn from the forthcoming discussion

Comments are welcome through JULY 31.

Looking forward,
Paul Raskin
GTI Director

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