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Subject: Introducing the how, why and what of the Decentralized Society
Research Project

Dear all,

Last thursday I had the honour to give a first presentation on the
preliminary results of the Decentralized Society Research Project. In this
20-minute talk I explain the overall why, how and what and will touch upon
some of the practicalities of moving forward.

The video and the slides are available on:

Please do not refrain from sharing your thoughts, reflections and comments.
I might not respond individually but would love to compile a FAQ or
initiate some structured form of discussion.

During my talk I have referred several times to the preceding talk, no less
interesting than mine, introducing Zeitgeist’s idea of a Resource Based
Economy, by Serf Doesborgh. I hope to be able to share the video of his
talk with you soon. Meanwhile, you might want to look for the Zeitgeist Adde

Both talks were part of the Ons Systeem meetup, a gathering of incorrigible
progressive thinkers on culture, sustainability, economy and social
innovation. Meetups are held every third Thursday of the month in Utrecht
(NL). https://www.facebook.com/OnsSysteem.elke.3eDonderdag/

With warm regards,

P.S. Should you be interested in personally discussing views relating to
these matters, I will likely be available in The Netherlands for the
upcoming months. Likewise, I would be delighted to perform this talk at
your convenience in order to further and refine some of the ideas presented.

Decentralized Society Research Project
http://dsrp.eu / http://dsrp.eu/hackpad
mathijs at dsrp.eu
+31 6 44 838 131

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