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The Permanent Observer to the United Nations in Geneva, Mgr. Jurkovič, has
revealed that too many young people remain jobless and things have still
not picked up since the start of the economic crisis. A capacity for
innovation is crucial if there is to be a transition from a speculative
economy to a social economy that places the human person, their qualities
and education at the centre. Technology should also be used to serve man,
while working hours and salaries must respect criteria of equality and
justice. Environmental disasters are also harming jobs


The Vatican raises the alarm about the high rate of unemployment worldwide.

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“The information contained in the reports and analyses of this Organization
regarding the inability to create a sufficient number of dignified and
stable jobs is a cause of serious concern.” The international community
must therefore do more to create new jobs and boost employment, especially
among the young. The Permanent Observer to the United Nations in Geneva,
Mgr. Ivan Jurkovič expressed this concern, addressing the 105th session of
the International Labour Conference organised by the International Labour
Organisation (ILO), which has been taking place over the past couple of

The Holy See representative was particularly keen to raise “the pressing
issue of youth unemployment. Despite a mild recovery in the 2012-2014
period, the youth unemployment rate remains well above its pre-crisis
level. For millions of young people around the world finding a decent job
is still a lengthy hard struggle. As Pope Francis reminds us, ‘we cannot
resign ourselves to losing a whole generation of young people who don’t
have the strong dignity of work’.” Mgr. Jurkovič was referring to a speech
the Pope gave during his visit to the Italian dioceses of Campobasso and
Isernia in July 2014, where he honed in on the issue of youth unemployment.
On that occasion, the Pope stated amongst other things: “It is sad to find
“neither-nor” young people. What does it mean, this “neither-nor”? They
neither study because they cannot, they do not have the means, nor work.
And this is the challenge that all of us in the community must defy. We
must go forward to defy this challenge! We cannot resign ourselves to
losing a whole generation of young people who do not have the powerful
dignity of work! Work gives us dignity, and all of us need to do everything
possible so as not to lose a generation of young people.”

“A generation without work,” Francis added, “is a loss for their homeland
and for future humanity. We must fight against this. And help one another
to find a way of solution, of aid, of solidarity. Young people are
courageous, I have said this, the young have hope and — third — the young
have the capacity for solidarity. And this word solidarity is a word that
the world today does not like to hear. Some people think that it is a bad
word. No, it is not a bad word, it is a Christian word: go forward with
your brother and sister to help them overcome problems. Courageous, with
hope and with solidarity.”

Taking Francis’ magisterium as the starting point, the Apostolic Nuncio to
the United Nations in Geneva asked the international community to set
itself the goal of creating a substantial number of jobs based on the
principle of subsidiarity, ensuring a recovery “that allows each individual
and each business to be the protagonist of the development of society as a
whole”; this is a moral duty, Mgr. Jurkovič added. Naturally, in order to
achieve goal like this, certain choices need to be made. Amongst these, the
Holy See mentioned the development of economic models that are more
inclusive and not aimed at serving the interests of a few but the ensuring
the good of ordinary people and society as a whole. The idea is to move
away from a speculative economy and towards a social economy that “invests
in persons by creating jobs and providing training”.

As such, alternative solutions that make it possible to link economic
growth to wellbeing and employment need to be found. Technology itself
needs to be placed “at the service of the common good” which “includes
decent work for everyone”. This is why we urgently need to leave a purely
consumerist mentality behind as human beings end up being “considered as
consumer goods, which can be used and thrown away”.

Work on the contrary needs to be decent, sustainable for workers,
employers, governments, communities and the environment. Jurkovič also
talked about globalisation of the economy which led to the spread of
supranational production and distribution systems which, however, risk
harming salaries and working hours – creating an imbalance in the
employer-employee relationship – just for the sake of beating competition.
In such a system, working hours and salaries become the two variables
producers use as leverage to stay in the market. This often means lower
salaries and longer working hours. Hence, salaries must not be “left solely
to the whim of the market, but must be influenced by justice and equity”.
Finally, the Holy See representative touched on the issue of climate change
and “the negative impacts on economic and social development in general and
on enterprises and workers” as many businesses and workplaces are left
devastated by natural disasters, with a consequent reduction in the
possibility of having an income.

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