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Wed Jun 1 15:13:38 CEST 2016

If you toil in the groves of academe, the theme of our MAY DISCUSSION =E2=
=80=93 whither the university? =E2=80=93 is sure to pique your interest. Cr=
istina Escrigas takes up this question in her new essay =E2=80=9CA Higher C=
alling for Higher Education,=E2=80=9D which you can read at <a href=3D"http=
n" rel=3D"noreferrer" target=3D"_blank">
Peering through a wide-angle lens, Cristina, the former Executive Director =
of the Global University for Innovation (GUNi), sees an institution beset b=
y forces of =E2=80=9Cmarketization=E2=80=9D and =E2=80=9Cinternationalizati=
on,=E2=80=9D but still holding the potential to become a transformative age=
nt =E2=80=93 if it can transform itself.<br>
Will the university remain a dependent variable in the calculus of market-d=
riven globalization? Or can it instead become a =E2=80=9CGT University=E2=
=80=9D? I put the question this way in the title of my own modest contribut=
ion to a GUNi compendium:<br>
=E2=80=9CHigher Education in an Unsettled Century: Handmaiden or Pathmaker?=
=E2=80=9D Cristina=E2=80=99s hard-hitting answers deserve your attention =
=E2=80=93 and response.<br>
Comments are welcome through MAY 31. Cristina=E2=80=99s essay will be publi=
shed in June, along with selected comments drawn from the forthcoming discu=
Looking forward,<br>
Paul Raskin<br>
GTI Director<br>
ODD-NUMBERED months are for discussions of new essays for GTN eyes only. EV=
EN-NUMBERED months are for publication and distribution. You will receive d=
iscussion comments by email =E2=80=93 or you can access them online at <a h=
ref=3D"" rel=3D"noreferrer" t=
where you will find, as well, an archive of previous discussions.<br>
Concise comments, as well as expansive ones, are most welcome. Please do no=
t hesitate to weigh in.<br>
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