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Wed Jun 1 15:13:38 CEST 2016

If you toil in the groves of academe, the theme of our MAY DISCUSSION =E2=
whither the university? =E2=80=93 is sure to pique your interest. Cristina =
takes up this question in her new essay =E2=80=9CA Higher Calling for Highe=
Education,=E2=80=9D which you can read at

Peering through a wide-angle lens, Cristina, the former Executive Director
of the Global University for Innovation (GUNi), sees an institution beset
by forces of =E2=80=9Cmarketization=E2=80=9D and =E2=80=9Cinternationalizat=
ion,=E2=80=9D but still holding
the potential to become a transformative agent =E2=80=93 if it can transfor=
m itself.

Will the university remain a dependent variable in the calculus of
market-driven globalization? Or can it instead become a =E2=80=9CGT Univers=
ity=E2=80=9D? I
put the question this way in the title of my own modest contribution to a
GUNi compendium:
=E2=80=9CHigher Education in an Unsettled Century: Handmaiden or Pathmaker?=
Cristina=E2=80=99s hard-hitting answers deserve your attention =E2=80=93 an=
d response.

Comments are welcome through MAY 31. Cristina=E2=80=99s essay will be publi=
shed in
June, along with selected comments drawn from the forthcoming discussion.

Looking forward,
Paul Raskin
GTI Director

ODD-NUMBERED months are for discussions of new essays for GTN eyes only.
EVEN-NUMBERED months are for publication and distribution. You will receive
discussion comments by email =E2=80=93 or you can access them online at,
where you will find, as well, an archive of previous discussions.

Concise comments, as well as expansive ones, are most welcome. Please do
not hesitate to weigh in.

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