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Dear all,

Please find information about our event tomorrow which will be webstreamed.

Kind regards, Sophie


*The event will be web-streamed: **https://youtu.be/GjQ62KBlfMk



*On June 1st, hosted by Isabella Adinolfi in cooperation with Commons

Network,*civil society considers Internet, copyright, health and climate

in EU knowledge policy from a commons perspective.  From 11.30 – 13.00

at the Altiero Spinelli Building – Seven floor – Room 7H1.

The commons perspective stresses the democratic governance of knowledge

as it identifies knowledge as a shared resource that is a collective

responsibility. It emphasizes equitable access to knowledge resources

such as health-care and education, the urgent need to

prioritize ecological sustainability in knowledge policy and the

promotion of an*open and democratic Internet.

In late 2015 the Commons Network published the

paper:The  EU and the Commons: A Commons Approach to European Knowledge Policy.


outlines the compelling logic, benefits and ethics of a commons approach

to knowledge, with an emphasis on how that could improve policy in

certain areas such as health, the environment, science and culture, and

the Internet.

We would now like to engage in a conversation with experts working in

the various fields discussed, during an expert meeting in the European

Parliament. This conversation will allow us to assess the usefulness and

applicability of the commons perspective in policy making on knowledge,

and how to concretely move forward in protecting and managing common goods.

We shall be considering the EU policy context of the digital Single

Market strategy, copyright reform, climate policy, internet and

telecommunications governance discussions and the implementation of EU

research and innovation programmes.

*Languages IT-EN*

The*Conference*will be*web-streamed*.https://youtu.be/GjQ62KBlfMk

For*further information*:yusimi.fernandezhidalgo at europarl.europa.eu

<mailto:yusimi.fernandezhidalgo at europarl.europa.eu>
<yusimi.fernandezhidalgo at europarl.europa.eu>

*Tel.:*+32 (0)2 28.47714


MEP Isabella Adinolfi (5Stelle)

MEP Magrete Auken (Greens/EFA)

MEP Dario Tamburrano (5 Stelle)

*Presentation: **A Commons Approach to EU knowledge policy*

David Hammerstein & Sophie Bloemen (Commons Network)


  * Alek Tarkowski  (Centrum Cyfrowe/ Creative Commons Poland)

  * Diego Naranjo      (European Digital Rights- EDRi)

  * Anne Catherine Lorrain – (advisor  Greens/EFA, Communia)

  * Dimitris Dimtirov  (Wikimedia)

  * Yannis Natsis (European Public Health Alliance- EPHA)

  * Martin Pigeon  (Corporate Europe Observatory – CEO)

  * Renata Avila (WebFoundation)

  * European Commission CONNECT-/TBC/

* Open discussion. *


Sophie Bloemen

Commons Network


10781 Berlin

Tel: 0049 170 2827005


twitter: @sbloemen


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A2k at lists.keionline.org


Sophie Bloemen
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twitter: @sbloemen

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