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Editorial Board
Editors: Evgeni V. Pavlov and David G. Rowley

Advisory board: Craig Brandist, Georgi Gloveli, Maja Soboleva, Daniela
Steila, McKenzie Wark, and James White.
Table of contents
The projected volumes are as follows:

*Volume 1: Empiriomonism*

This volume will contain all three volumes of Bogdanov’s *Empiriomonism*, a
collection of essays which express his first fully developed reformulation
of historical materialism on the basis of Richard Avenarius’s
*Volume 2: Essays in Social Psychology (1901-1906) *
This is a collection of essays originally published in 1904 and revised and
enlarged in 1906. Among the key ideas that Bogdanov develops is the
principle of ‘socio-morphism’ – that forms of thought are modelled on forms
of labour and economic relationships. He also carries on polemics with
other philosophical trends.

*Volume 3: Political Writings (1904 <%281904> to 1928 <1928>)*
This volume will include some of Bogdanov’s general writings on liberalism
and Menshevism, but will be primarily devoted to tracing the divergence
between Lenin and Bogdanov which culminated in the formation of the Vpered
group of the RSDLP which contested Lenin’s claim to be the standard bearer
of true Bolshevism. Materials will include Bogdanov’s analysis of the split
within Bolshevism; his writings on the First World War (where he provided
the first definition of “War Communism”); his commentaries on the February
Revolution and on Lenin’s seizure of power and his interpretation of social
and political developments after October 1917, notably his writings on the
emergence in Soviet Russia of a “new class”.

*Volume 4: The Fall of Great Fetishism: The Contemporary Crisis of Ideology*
This volume will provide the philosophical aspect of Bogdanov’s break with
Lenin. It will contain *The Adventures of a Certain Philosophical
School*, *Fall
of the Great Fetishism* (which includes Bogdanov’s response to
and Empiriocriticism*), and a selection of shorter essays on philosophy.

*Volume 5: The Cultural Tasks of Our Time: Essays on Proletarian Culture *
Bogdanov’s key writings on Proletarian Culture, including *The Cultural
Tasks of Our Time*, selections from *On Proletarian Culture, 1904-1924*,
and various articles from the journal *Proletarian Culture* and elsewhere.

*Volume 6: The Science of Social Consciousness*
The basis of this volume will be the 1914 short book called *The Science of
Social Consciousness: A Short Course of Ideological Science in Questions
and Answers* that lays the foundation for Bogdanov’s theory of ideology (or
‘spiritual culture’). This will be a companion volume to the volume on
‘cultural tasks’.

*Volume 7: The Tenth Anniversary of Excommunication from Marxism:
Autobiographical Writings*
This volume will include: Selections from *The Tenth Anniversary of
Excommunication from Marxism* (1914), selections from Bogdanov’s
unpublished autobiographical manuscripts, from his biographical
observations concerning other revolutionary figures, and from unpublished
letters and communications.

*Volume 8: Philosophy of Living Experience: Popular Outlines [forthcoming –
October 2015]
*The Philosophy of Living Experience. Materialism, Empiriocriticism,
Dialectical Materialism, Empiriomonism, the Science of the Future. Popular
Outlines*, (1913; 1923) with the appendix to the 1923 edition, ‘From
Religious to Scientific Monism’. This is Bogdanov’s summative statement of
his philosophy that anticipates his ultimate philosophical achievement:
universal organisational science.

*Volume 9: Tektology: Universal Organisational Science*
This will contain all three parts of *Tektologiia: Vseobshchaia
organizatsionnaia nauka*, a pioneering work in systems theory, in which
Bogdanov proposed that all physical, biological, and human sciences could
be unified by treating them as systems of relationships and by seeking the
organisational principles that underlie all such systems.

Volume 10: *Writings on Socialism*
This volume will contain a variety of articles and books on socialism and
political economy, including ‘On Socialism’, New World, ‘Socialism in the
Present’, Problems of Socialism, The Socialism of Science: The Scientific
Tasks of the Proletariat, selections from A Short Course of Economic
Science, and economic essays from the 1920s.

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