[P2P-F] Does the blockchain lead to more transparency?

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Mon Oct 19 12:41:34 CEST 2015

Does the blockchain lead to more transparency?

By Annette Doms

“Copyright has been a relevant topic since the development of the printing
press. It grants the author the exclusive right to reproduce, publish, and
sell the content and form of intellectual property. The copy & paste
mentality of the Internet user brought chaos to the system. Blockchain
technology should now manage the author and marketing rights in a way that
is more transparent, completely free of Bitcoin and monetary background.
The idea had its origin in the art scene.

The Internet is a space without horizons or frontiers. It has changed our
environment and also, thereby, our sensory perception. In 'the real world'
we are confronted everywhere by people gazing deeply into smartphones: on
the street, on the subway, in airplanes, in queues and cafés. Interpersonal
dialogue is increasingly being conducted in the virtual sphere. How does
the art scene react to new technological developments in arts? I asked
Alain Servais (collector), Wolf Lieser (gallerist) and Aram Bartholl

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