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Below is a description of just one of the many workshops happening at the
National Food Sovereignty Gathering 23-26 Oct. in Hebden Bridge, West
Yorkshire, where I live, that I thought would particularly interest Bob,
relevant to the discussions we have had in the past about farming, and
solutions to mass production and feeding the world.

'*We (Colin Anderson, Csilla Kiss, Michel Pimbert) are at the Centre for
Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR) at Coventry University and are
working with a group of social movement organizations, farmer organizations
and progressive research/advocacy groups in Europe and beyond to promote a
bottom-up or People's agroecology that is embedded within the food
sovereignty movement in contrast to a technocratic agroecology being
promoted by powerful institutions. As a part of this, we work to amplify
the voice and perspective of food providers and to work together on
participatory action research that brings resources to the struggles
through the co-production of knowledge and action. Our partners in Europe
include the Land Workers' Alliance, the European Coordination of LVC, GRAIN
and others.'*

(Agroecology is still not a word that is recognised by my computer)


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