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<http://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/invisible-in-austin> *Invisible in
Austin <http://www.combinedacademic.co.uk/invisible-in-austin>*

*Life and Labor in an American City*

*Edited by Javier Auyero Afterword by Loïc Wacquant*

   "Sociologist Auyero and his graduate students at the University of Texas
at Austin deliver exceptional in-depth longitudinal studies of 11 people
living in precarious social and economic conditions in their city…Lucid and
empathetic, these insightful portraits reveal how life histories are
intertwined with political and economic forces beyond any individual’s
control."—*Publishers Weekly, starred review*

"Engaging and accessible, the essays dovetail with today’s debates on
social inequality and immigration. A scholarly study conducted with dignity
and thoroughness."—*Kirkus Reviews*

   Austin, Texas, is renowned as a high-tech, fast-growing city for the
young and creative, a cool place to live, and the scene of internationally
famous events such as SXSW and Formula 1. But as in many American cities,
poverty and penury are booming along with wealth and material abundance in
contemporary Austin. Rich and poor residents lead increasingly separate
lives as growing socioeconomic inequality underscores residential, class,
racial, and ethnic segregation.

In I*nvisible in Austin, * the award-winning sociologist Javier Auyero and
a team of graduate students explore the lives of those working at the
bottom of the social order: house cleaners, office-machine repairers, cab
drivers, restaurant cooks and dishwashers, exotic dancers, musicians, and
roofers, among others. Recounting their subjects’ life stories with empathy
and sociological insight, the authors show us how these lives are driven by
a complex mix of individual and social forces. These poignant stories
compel us to see how poor people who provide indispensable services for all
city residents struggle daily with substandard housing, inadequate public
services and schools, and environmental risks. Timely and essential
reading, Invisible in Austin makes visible the growing gap between rich and
poor that is reconfiguring the cityscape of one of America’s most dynamic
places, as low-wage workers are forced to the social and symbolic margins.

University of Texas Press

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