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Hello friends and colleagues. There is PSP news to report!

The big news is that our article "Rebooting Democracy" was published in
Foreign Policy Magazine. The article was written by Lorenzo Fioramonti
(Univ. of Pretoria), Gary Milante (Stockholm International Peace Research
Institute) and myself. Even though it has been online only for 24 hours,
more than 800 people have shared it so far. It seems that we have touched a

You can help us by pressing the share button and sending the link to
friends and colleagues. The address is:


Also, the PSP website has had a slight makeover. If you haven’t visited
lately, please drop by for a visit:


Lastly, my interview with Cat Johnson, “Can a Complementary Currency Help
End Poverty? A Q&A with John Boik,” was published in Shareable in December
2014. That link is:


More to come,

John Boik, PhD
Founder, Principled Societies Project
Author, Economic Direct Democracy


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