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Thu Mar 12 02:17:04 CET 2015

*Xnet *
Free Culture, net neutrality, technopolitics, networked democracy and the
fight against corruption. Also performing work on political pressure at
national and international level through legislative proposals and viral

*Xmailbox (Buz=C3=B3nX)*
A system for citizen whistle-blowing and leaks to attain transparency and
act against corruption and the impunity of the Spanish economic elites that
have caused the crisis.

The working group against corruption in Catalonia
With this device we empower and federate the skills of groups and people
(already active in corruption issues) in an dynamic, stable, coordinated
and collaborative network against corruption in Catalonia.

The main citizen lawsuit against the Spanish banking system and former IMF
president Rodrigo Rato and his accomplices.

*The Oxcars*
The greatest Free Culture show in the world ever.

*FCForum (Free Culture Forum)*
International meeting that brings together organisations and experts from
the fields of culture, digital rights and access to free knowledge, to
create an overall strategic framework and an international coordination

Thank you and warm regards.


2) Buenos d=C3=ADas,

Creemos que a muchos de vosotros os podr=C3=ADa interesar una newsletter de=
actividades que estamos llevando a cabo (frecuencia 1 vez al mes m=C3=A1xim=

Desde Xnet estamos impulsando dispositivos y actividades de mucho impacto:

Cultura libre, neutralidad de la Red, tecnopol=C3=ADtica, democracia de red=
lucha contra la corrupci=C3=B3n.  Tambi=C3=A9n realizan un trabajo de presi=
pol=C3=ADtica, a  nivel estatal e  internacional, a trav=C3=A9s de propuest=
legislativas y campa=C3=B1as virales

Buz=C3=B3n X
Buz=C3=B3n de filtraciones ciudadanas contra la corrupci=C3=B3n

Grupo de trabajo contra la corrupci=C3=B3n en Catalunya
Desde este dispositivo potenciamos y federamos las competencias de grupos y
personas ya activas en  la materia en una red activa, estable, coordinada y
colaborativa contra la corrupci=C3=B3n en Catalunya.

Querella ciudadana contra Bankia.

El mayor show de Cultura Libre de todos los tiempos.

Encuentro internacional que re=C3=BAne a organizaciones y expertos en el =
de la cultura, los derechos digitales y el acceso al conocimiento libre,
para crear un marco estrat=C3=A9gico global y una estructura de coordinaci=

Si os interesa, por favor, hac=C3=A9dnoslo saber con un simple ok y os hare=
llegar peri=C3=B3dicamente informaci=C3=B3n sobre nuestras actividades m=C3=
=A1s relevantes.

Gracias y un afectuoso saludo.

Check out the Commons Transition Plan here at:

P2P Foundation:  -


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</span></b><span lang=3D"EN-US" style=3D"font-size:11.0pt;font-family:&quot=
;Lucida Sans&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;;color:#595959">02 6230 <a href=3D=
"tel:1775" value=3D"+661775" target=3D"_blank">1775</a>
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</span></b><span lang=3D"EN-US" style=3D"font-size:10.0pt;font-family:&quot=
;Tahoma&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;;color:windowtext"> Simona Levi [mailto=
:<a href=3D"mailto:info at" target=3D"_blank">info at</=
<b>Sent:</b> Friday, 13 March 2015 4:27 AM<br>
<b>To:</b> <a href=3D"mailto:fcforum_discussion at" target=3D=
"_blank">fcforum_discussion at</a><br>
<b>Subject:</b> [fcf_discussion] News list<u></u><u></u></span></p>
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<p class=3D"MsoNormal" style=3D"margin-bottom:12.0pt"><span style=3D"font-f=
amily:&quot;Helvetica&quot;,&quot;sans-serif&quot;">[1-ENGLISH 2-ESPA=C3=91=
Good morning,<br>
Fist of all, sorry if you have previously received a wrong mail about the a=
ctivity of the list.<br>
This one is the good one :).<br>
Since this list is not very active in the last 2 yers, we believe that many=
 of you may be interested in our activities&#39; newsletter that is under w=
ay (maximum frequency: one per month).<br>
If you are interested, please let us know answering this email with a simpl=
e OK and we will send you regular information about our most important acti=

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