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Subject: UC - update and launching article


this is a first shared mail addressed to the great group of researcher and
activists (you!) who publicly joined the Ubiquitous Commons initiative and
network: for sure more people will join us :)

Tanks to Luca De Biase, today a consistent article (actually 5 pieces if we
include the AR contents) was published on Nova on Il Sole24Ore: you find it
here and in a bit we may be able to translate it in english

This is of course a great start to create a large public discussion and it
will help us also to enforce our current dialogue at the EU level.

I wanted just to mention (and thanks) Luis Enriquez who started to make
some observations about the legal side of the toolkit (you find it here:

We can say that this is an happy sunday for the project and well: it is
just the beginning :)


*PS: *
I apologize: a collective presentation would be too long, so I invite you
to browse info here, you will discover a dense and precious little universe
We are also happy that David Bollier is among us, representing the great
culture and tradition of commons in US: he will be soon in Europe, so we
may have a chance to meet him :)

skype: penelope.di.pixel
FB: penelope di pixel

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*Art is Open Source*: http://www.artisopensource.net

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