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*This piece was first published in Greek by *Press Project
<http://www.thepressproject.gr/> *(26 February, 2015)*

It seems that the SYRIZA government is having a difficult time gaining
support for the deal signed between Varoufakis and the Eurogroup.

At a twelve hour-long meeting of the SYRIZA Parliamentary Group held on
Wednesday 25th February, parliamentarians criticised the deal signed
between the Greek government and the Eurogroup.  The meeting culminated
with an indicative vote for or against the deal. Panagiotis Lafazanis, the
leader of the Left Platform and current minister for productive
reconstruction and energy, requested that the votes be counted, but this
was rejected.  Nonetheless, with about thirty MPs having left the room when
the vote took place, a third of the MPs present rejected the deal either
with a ‘no’ or a ‘blank’ vote.

All deputies of the Left Platform and several others – amongst them Zoe
Konstantopoulou, the President of Parliament; Nina Kasimati and others –
voted ‘no’ or blank.  Government ministers such as Panagiotis Lafazanis,
Nikos Chountis, Dimitris Stratoulis, Kostas Isichos, Nadia Valavani and
Thodoris Dritsas voted blank.  Many of those deputies who voted blank
expressed disapproval of Varoufakis’s manoeuvres.

Deputies took their positions based mainly on briefings from Varoufakis and
prime minister Alexis Tsipras, since they have not received full
documentation of what was agreed at the Eurogroup.  In the briefings, the
agreement was presented as a success for the government.  Tsipras claimed
that the deal ensures 'the separation of the loan agreement from the
Memorandum, the disengagement from the Memorandum policy of austerity, and
the stabilisations of the financial system'.  Other senior government
figures supported the view that financial liquidity was secured.

However, most of these claims were not supported by any documents of the
agreement signed by Varoufakis. The separation of the loan agreement from
the Memorandum, which the government claims it has achieved, is not
recognised by any other party. All other partners merely speak of a change
in the wording of the agreement, requested by Varoufakis.

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