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Dear GTN,

Our SEPTEMBER DISCUSSION focuses on an important new essay by John Bellamy
Foster, =E2=80=9CMarxism and Ecology: Common Fonts of a Great Transition.=
=E2=80=9D Foster,
the editor of Monthly Review, traces the origins of Marxian concepts, and
discovers deep ecological roots that anticipate such contemporary notions
as sustainable development and planetary boundaries.

The way I see it, industrial capitalism spawned two powerful oppositional
streams: social justice and environmental protection. For much of their
history, these movements were mutually suspicious (insofar as they even
heeded one another). Many social justice proponents saw environmentalism as
a preserve of the elite; environmentalists found unacceptable social change
agendas that failed to extend their critique to the system=E2=80=99s impact=
s on
nature. Moreover, the dismal environmental record of =E2=80=9Cactually exis=
socialism=E2=80=9D reinforced the perception that socialism is as feckless =

Now, Foster illuminates the historical record and closes the fissure,
finding the foundations for a modernized ecological socialism that can play
a key role in building an integrated planetary praxis.

I encourage you to read the essay at and to share your
thoughts and questions. Comments are welcome through SEPTEMBER 30.

Looking forward,

Paul Raskin
GTI Director

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