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Sun Jul 26 15:10:43 CEST 2015

Dear GTN,<br>
Our JULY DISCUSSION will focus on a new GTI Viewpoint: =E2=80=9CCommon Weal=
th Trusts: Structures of Transition.=E2=80=9D In it, Peter Barnes forcefull=
y indicts capitalism as the driver of ecological stress and social disparit=
y (the C-word has barely been mentioned in recent discussions). But rather =
than analysis or critique, Peter=E2=80=99s interests are practical: designi=
ng institutional mechanisms for countering the profit motive and promoting =
equitable sustainability. Specifically, he advances =E2=80=9Ccommon wealth =
trusts=E2=80=9D as an effective means for safeguarding the biosphere, and f=
or sharing the benefits generated from the natural and social resources tha=
t are our collective inheritance.<br>
Please read Peter=E2=80=99s constructive and provocative piece at <a href=
=3D"" rel=3D=
"noreferrer" target=3D"_blank">
ealth-trusts</a>, and share your comments by replying to this message. The =
window of opportunity closes JULY 31.<br>
Confused about how GTI works? See the primer below.<br>
Looking forward,<br>
Paul Raskin<br>
GTI Director<br>
PRIMER ON GTI PUBLICATION CYCLE: GTI publishes bi-monthly (in even-numbered=
 months). Three new pieces are displayed on our homepage (<a href=3D"http:/=
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e also bi-monthly (in odd-numbered months), taking up one of the pieces pri=
or to publication. Selected comments drawn from this discussion are edited =
and published alongside the original piece (along with a response from the =
author). You can review all GTN discussions at <a href=3D"http://www.greatt=" rel=3D"noreferrer" target=3D"_blank">www.gre=</a>, and post comments to an active discus=
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