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Dear GTN,

Our JULY DISCUSSION will focus on a new GTI Viewpoint: =E2=80=9CCommon Weal=
Trusts: Structures of Transition.=E2=80=9D In it, Peter Barnes forcefully i=
capitalism as the driver of ecological stress and social disparity (the
C-word has barely been mentioned in recent discussions). But rather than
analysis or critique, Peter=E2=80=99s interests are practical: designing
institutional mechanisms for countering the profit motive and promoting
equitable sustainability. Specifically, he advances =E2=80=9Ccommon wealth =
as an effective means for safeguarding the biosphere, and for sharing the
benefits generated from the natural and social resources that are our
collective inheritance.

Please read Peter=E2=80=99s constructive and provocative piece at, and share your
comments by replying to this message. The window of opportunity closes JULY

Confused about how GTI works? See the primer below.

Looking forward,

Paul Raskin
GTI Director

PRIMER ON GTI PUBLICATION CYCLE: GTI publishes bi-monthly (in even-numbered
months). Three new pieces are displayed on our homepage (, distributed to 10,000 subscribers, and publicized
through social media (and often republished on other websites). GTN
discussions are also bi-monthly (in odd-numbered months), taking up one of
the pieces prior to publication. Selected comments drawn from this
discussion are edited and published alongside the original piece (along
with a response from the author). You can review all GTN discussions at, and post comments to an active

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