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Picketline concept
Workers organising globally - The Global Picketline concept

  Workers organising globally - The Global Picketline concept
[1] Published 28 June 2015

Companies, in their quest for ever greater profits, expand their operations
internationally by integrating their production, distribution and
commercial divisions at a global level. To be effective in confronting this
new reality, workers also need to organise and take actions that are
integrated and co-ordinated at an international level.

In conjunction with regional labour activists and organisations, AAWL has
developed a global organising concept called *‘The Global Picketline’
<http://emagcreator.com/aawl/AWO_gpl_2015_Final> [2]*. This concept is
outlined in a short publication
<http://emagcreator.com/aawl/AWO_gpl_2015_Final> [2] that details what type
of international solidarity is strongest and the steps needed to organise
global campaigns.

There is no copyright to this material, and if you unable to view it on the
above web links, this PDF version can be used
<http://aawl.org.au/files/awo_gpl_2015_Final.pdf> [3].

Individuals and organisations are encouraged to use it, share it, and
translate it in their own language.

If you have comments, feedback or questions please email Pier at
piergiorgio at aawl.org.au [4]

  australia asia worker links - po box 45 carlton south, victoria 3053
australia tel: (61 3) 9663 7277 - email: aawl at aawl.org.au - web:
*Source URL:*

[2] http://emagcreator.com/aawl/AWO_gpl_2015_Final
[3] http://aawl.org.au/files/awo_gpl_2015_Final.pdf
[4] mailto:piergiorgio at aawl.org.au

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* <http://www.interfacejournal.net/current/>*
   3. 2014. 'The Networked Internationalism of Labour's Others', in Jai Sen
   (ed), Peter Waterman (co-ed), The Movement of Movements:
   for Other Worlds  (Part I).
   <http://www.into-ebooks.com/book/the_movements_of_movements/> (10 Euros).
4. 2012. EBook: Recovering Internationalism
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