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Just pinging some friends to outline my current research topics and see if
anyone is doing research on complementary topics:

1) Metrics for ecosystem health that can be applied in cryptoeconomics,
esp. cryptoasset markets

2) Probabilistic programming applied in the context of user agent modeling
and applying swarm intelligence for predictive possibilities

3) Appropriate reputational system embedded in an incentivized
decentralized prediction market

4) Re-creating Loren Carpenter's famous PONG experiment (
https://vimeo.com/78043173) in some context with Blockchain, ideally
illustrating some collaborative / swarm dynamics

5) How to embed optimal "teal organization" (Laloux) in a DAO and what
would be the initial seeding or use case

6) Collaborative nomic games, ideally in some way connected to markets that
can illustrate new organizational principles

7) Blockchain design patterns, illustrating best practice and principles
for smart contracts

8) "How to chose your blockchain?" Flow for choosing the appropriate
blockchain design for your project.

9) General principles around identity and reputational systems, including
design principles, history, success stories, and optimal market entry

 10) "Social contract" based IP licensing, for a defensible commons

always welcome collaboration.




joel dietz
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