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*​Dear​ Birgit and *

*​Despite the blackmail ​and threats ​of ​the Troika and ​EU ​elite​,
we are jubilant that the Greek people voted NO  to austerity and YES to
sovereignty, dignity, human rights and democracy. *

*​Please receive the  Asia-Europe People's Forum (AEPF)​ Statement of
Solidarity with the Greek People and Government.​Do know that Syriza,
Podemos and other people-centered parties in Europe have participated as
resource persons  at AEPF events.​*

​Much thanks and
​warm wishes,​

*Cristine "Tina" Ebro*
*Coordinating Team*
*aepf.info <http://aepf.info>​*



*AEPF statement of solidarity with the Greek people and government*

*5 JULY 2015*

We from the Asia-Europe People’s Forum – a strategic civil society network
of Asian and European social movements working for social, economic and
ecological justice, and fighting to end poverty and inequality – stand with
the Greek people as they assert their sovereignty, reject austerity and
vote for a life in dignity this Sunday, July 5.

The impos​ition of neo-liberal austerity measures by the Troika – the
International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, and the European
Commission – is destroying Greece. It is responsible for severe financial
and economic crisis and for the social catastrophe – e.g. massive
unemployment, intensifying poverty and social inequality, ​rising suicide
rates, and ​the dismantling of social services and security –
being experienced by the Greek people.


Moreover, the huge debt repayments for which the Troika is demanding have
not been for the benefit of the citizens of Greece. They have been
utilised to repay private sector creditors such as French and German banks,
it is thus highly immoral for the people and government to be forced to pay
these debts while depriving the people their basic socio-economic rights to
a life in dignity (jobs, food, healthcare, housing, electricity, and other
basic needs.)

The​ impositions of the Troika are not only causing misery to the Greek
people and government. Outside Greece, similar neo-liberal
austerity ​measures are destroying societies and people in Europe and other
parts of the world. We therefore stand in solidarity with the Greek people
and the Syriza-led government as they struggle to be free from neo-liberal
austerity and odious debts.

Over the past decades peoples from developing and developed countries have
been resisting against the whole range of neo-liberal policies​ –
liberalisation, deregulation, and privatisation – imposed by capitalist
governments through the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and
other financial institutions.

Peoples have struggled against repayment of odious debts and for the
cancellation of illegitimate debts. They have experienced how debt bondage
has resulted in poverty and elite privileges. In addition, ​neo-liberal
austerity impositions by the international financial institutions have
devastated their economies and environment, crushed human rights and
exacerbated inequalities while billions of dollars flowed to transnational
corporations and banks and imperialist governments.

The debt payment terms cannot over-rule international law. Article 103 of
the UN Charter provisions prevail over all other treaties. Therefore no
treaty or loan agreement can force a country to violate the civil,
cultural, economic, political and social rights of its population, nor can
a loan agreement negate the sovereignty of a State. Any agreement that
would require such a violation of human rights and customary international
law is *contra bonos mores* and hence null and void pursuant to Article 53
of the Vienna Convention of the Law of Treaties.

Now is the time to raise our voices against this threat and stranglehold on
the people of Greece by the European elite. This critical
moment also ​requires everyone to speak up against world’s economic
elites ​who have held us hostage and made our lives miserable for decades
and who have prioritised the interest of banks
and ​corporations over ​the people and planet.


With the citizens of Greece, we say NO to austerity and YES to dignity,
sovereignty, human rights, and democracy!

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