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For anyone who wants Michels details you can contact me at
kev.flanagan at gmail.com

P2P Foundation mailing list wrote:
> Please give full contact details for Kevin who knows your bank account
> details. I cannot give a huge amount but would like to contribute.
> Pamela
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> On 28 January 2015 at 07:50, P2P Foundation mailing list <
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>> Dear P2P friends,
>> It has been a long time that I needed to do such an appeal, but a
>> combination of unforeseen circumstances means I need to ask for assistance.
>> Administrative changes in 2 of the foundations that used to support us,
>> means that 2015 will be rather problematic. I have a good agenda of
>> lectures, but these were never enough to pay the bills.
>> The problem is rather acute right now. I am leaving for a 4 day belgian
>> trip with about 50 Euro on my picket,but more seriously , I am leaving to
>> Wisconsin on February 8 for 3 weeks without any short-term prospect of
>> getting paid and thus of taking any money with me there. The necessity to
>> replace a pair of broken glasses also looms large <g>.
>> If you are on this mailing list, you know my work, you know that I have
>> consistently worked on expanding and catalysing p2p and commons practices,
>> as well as their understanding. If you find this work important and
>> appreciate it, now is a good time to show solidarity and to assist me in
>> continuing it. This gives you a good record of my activities in the context
>> of the P2P Foundation, see part 1 of
>> http://p2pfoundation.net/What_the_P2P_Foundation_Did_in_2014
>> There are two things you can do.
>> One is the emergency funding. There is no easy way to do this as my Paypal
>> account has been blocked for a number of years, so I can only give my
>> Belgian account at the Belfius bank, BE91 0682 2166 9376
>> Kevin in cc has the full details if you want to transfer money this way. I
>> am looking for minimally EUR 2,000 but if possible, I am aiming for 6,000
>> so that I have a buffer. I am looking for gifts, but if you can give a
>> loan, that is fine. I must be honest however, in that, always living with
>> moderate and usually insufficient means, I have a bad record now of
>> repaying loans on time.
>> I am also launching at the same time a longer term solution, i.e. through
>> gratipay. The aim of gratipay is to create a minimum basic income that will
>> allow me to brave the insecurity and irregularity of the income flow.
>> Gratipay allows you to declare a regular support, per week or per month. My
>> aim there is to achieve $300 per week, giving me a basic income of $1,200
>> per month
>> My gratipay URL is here: https://gratipay.com/mbauwens/
>> So if you are motivated to assist me with my work for the P2P Foundation,
>> and in particular with the more short-term emergency, please do the
>> following:
>> * send a preferable round sum of support to my belgian account, say EUR
>> 100 or EUR 250
>> * declare any small regular sum that you willing to give, through my
>> gratipay account,
>> I needed to launch this fast and without much preparation due to the
>> emergency, thanks for your understanding.
>> Michel Bauwens
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