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Hi and happy new year!

Hope you are well and that 2015 is an amazing year for all.

Tactical Tech is excited to inform you that we recently launched our
new project on online tracking, "Trackography", at the 31st Chaos
Communication Congress (31c3):

Trackography is part of our MyShadow project (https://myshadow.org)
and aims to increase global transparency about the data collection
industry. Please learn more about the project here:
https://myshadow.org/trackography and explore Trackography through the
following link: https://trackography.org/

Our open source project illustrates which companies track us when we
read the news online, where our data travels to and how our data is
handled everytime we access a media website within a period of time.

In particular, when we access media websites Trackography shows:

1. the companies that track us
2. the countries which host the servers of these media websites
3. the countries which host the servers of tracking companies
4. the countries which own the network infrastructure required to
access the servers of media websites and tracking companies
5. information about how some of the prevailing tracking companies
handle our data

The global data industry has been very opaque until now. We have
developed Trackography to not only increase transparency about the
data collection industry, but to also start a discussion on unseen and
unconsented data collection and on the politics of data.

Learn how to help us track the trackers here:

You can also view our updates on all new results we collect on Twitter

Please pass this on to your networks and do not hesitate to contact us
with any questions at trackmap at tacticaltech.org.

Feedback is also always welcome! :)


All the best,

- -K

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Kaustubh Srikanth
kaustubh at houndbee.com
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