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 *Leave It in the Ground*

A film by Oliver Ressler
18 min., 2013

Screening at Tromsø International Film Festival 2015 (TIFF) in Norway
as part of the program *Beyond Horizons* at Verdensteateret in Tromsø¸,
followed by a debate at KulturHuset, Verkstedet, Tromsø. Wednesday, 14
January 2015, 1 PM.
Further details: http://tiff.no/program/2015/beyond-horizons

Exhibitions of *Leave It in the Ground*:

"€œThe Plundering"€œ, Lentos Kunstmuseum
<http://www.lentos.at/html/en/2895.aspx>, Linz (A), ongoing till 01.02.2015
(solo exhibition O. Ressler)
"œBeyond Horizons"€ , Atelier Nord ANX
<http://ateliernord.no/anx/beyond-horizons/?lang=en>, Oslo (N), 15.01. –
"€œWaterscapes: The Politics of Water"€ , Pohang City Museum of Art, Pohang
(KR), 15.01. – 29.03.2015
"€œLeave it in the Ground"€ , NBK – Neuer Berliner Kunstverein
<http://www.nbk.org/en/ausstellungen/vorschau.html>, Berlin (D), 27.02. –
24.04.2015 (solo exhibition O. Ressler)

In recent years, countless extreme weather events clearly indicate that
climate change is not only a future phenomenon but is already taking place.
Some effects of global warming—€”desertification, more frequent droughts,
less frequent but more intense precipitation, lower crop yields—€”inflame
existing social conflicts. In the Global South, climate change aggravates
the crises of poverty, violence, and unrest that result from the legacies
of colonialism and neoliberal capitalism. This vicious circle fuels
humanitarian crises and civil wars that amplify political, economic and
environmental disasters.
Despite clear warnings, the ruling powers do not have a political agenda
with a serious strategy to reduce use of fossil fuels, the main cause of
global warming. A fossil-fuel fundamentalism seems to dominate throughout
the globe.

Recently, some of Norway'€™s politicians have advocated extracting
petroleum in one of the largest fish and aquatic life spawning grounds on
the planet, the sea encircling the Lofoten archipelago. The deepwater
drilling would have unpredictable effects on the fish populations and some
of the world'€™s cleanest waters. With the idyllic landscapes of the
Lofoten archipelago as its background, *Leave It in the Ground* describes
the climate crisis not as a technical and scientific problem, but as a
political problem. The film discusses how ecological and humanitarian
disasters caused through global warming might topple old orders and open up
possibilities that could lead to long-term social and political
transformations, both positive and negative.

Further details and film excerpt:

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