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dear Kevin,

a potential announcement for our blog,

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   1. 2014. From Coldwar Communism to the Global Justice Movement:
   Itinerary of a Long-Distance Internationalist.

   2. 2014. Interface Journal Special (Co-Editor), December 2014. 'Social
   Movement Internationalisms'. (Free).
* <http://www.interfacejournal.net/current/>*
   3. 2014. 'The Networked Internationalism of Labour's Others', in Jai Sen
   (ed), Peter Waterman (co-ed), The Movement of Movements:
   for Other Worlds  (Part I).
   <http://www.into-ebooks.com/book/the_movements_of_movements/> (10 Euros).
4. 2012. EBook: Recovering Internationalism
   <http://www.into-ebooks.com/book/recovering_internationalism/>.  [A
   compilation of papers from the new millenium. Now free in two download
   5. 2013. EBook (co-editor), February 2013: World Social Forum: Critical
   Explorations http://www.into-ebooks.com/book/world_social_forum/
   6. 2012. Interface Journal Special (co-editor), November 2012: *For the
   Global Emancipation of Labour  <http://www.interfacejournal.net/current/>*
   7. 2005-?
   Ongoing. Blog: http://www.unionbook.org/profile/peterwaterman.???. Needed:
   a Global Labour Charter Movement (2005-Now!)
   8. 2011. Under, Against, Beyond: Labour and Social Movements Confront a
   Globalised, Informatised Capitalism
   <http://www.into-ebooks.com/book/under-against-beyond/>(2011) (c. 1,000
   pages of Working Papers, free, from the 1980's-90's).

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Date: Fri, Jan 9, 2015 at 5:51 AM
Subject: Critical Labour Studies symposium 2015 - programme
To: CRITICAL-LABOUR-STUDIES at jiscmail.ac.uk

Dear colleagues
Please find the attached programme for

*Critical Labour Studies *

*11^th Annual Symposium*

*28^th February - 1^st March 2014*

*Ruskin College, Ruskin Hall, Oxford, **OX3 9BZ*

I do hope that you will be able to attend.
Please circulate it to anyone you think may be interested.

*Critical Labour Studies*is now in its 11^th year and over that time we
have brought to bring together researchers and activists to discuss key
features of work and employment from a radical and labour-focused
perspective.  It has been successful in creating links between the
activities of trade unionists, activists, universities, and researchers,
allowing a broad and critical debate to emerge.

Through *Critical Labour Studies*we have developed an open working group
and discussion forum that engages with many of the challenges facing
researchers and trade unionists within the current environment of work and
employment and we have done this without institutional support or financial

However, we do need a little money to continue to exist – to pay for the
website and to hold our annual conferences and to be able to support
contributors to the conference who do not have institutional (or personal)
resources on which to draw.

As such we are asking *Critical Labour Studies*supporters to agree to an
annual membership and where possible to also consider making a donation.

If you wish *Critical Labour Studies* to continue holding its annual
symposium and acting as an important link between practitioners/activists
in the labour movement and academia then we would ask you to considered
making a contribution to ensure our continuing existence (details below -
and attached).


With best wishes

*To donate to Critical Labour Studies you can either make an annual
standing order or a monthly donation of £10, £20, £50 or £100 or an amount
of your choice.*

*Please make your donation through your bank using the following details:*

·*Payment to: CLS*

·*Payment from: your name*

·*Sort code: 08-60-01*

·*Account number: 20237918*




Professor Jane Holgate
Professor of Work and Employment Relations

Work and Employment Relations Division
Leeds University Business School
31 Lyddon Terrace (room 2.05)
University of Leeds LS2 9JT

email: j.holgate at leeds.ac.uk
Mobile: 07960 798399

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