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We face a crucial historical moment: the post-war social consensus is being
ripped up, and we’re seeing the rich and powerful re-engineering society to
suit themselves. Progress has been halted: the rich are retreating into
ever-more opulent and well-protected ghettoes.

The crisis of globalised capitalism is affecting people in similar ways
around the world: working conditions are getting worse, authoritarian
repression is growing, health, education and welfare are being eroded,
there are wars over resources and geopolitical power blocs.

The mainstream media tells us this is inevitable, and feeds us stories of
conflict and division. There is a definite, deliberate agenda here: the
rich and powerful people who control the world want us to feel
disempowered, discouraged and disengaged. They want us to blame immigrants
and foreigners and anyone different to us for our problems. They want us to
vote for one of the mainstream parties every few years, and spend the rest
of our lives shopping and watching television.
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Our problem is this: we don’t control the world we live in. Our world is
shaped by banks and big corporations and increasingly
unaccountable politicians, and a nexus of corruption that ties them all
together. This is a problem we share with 99% of humanity. And people
everywhere are rejecting this undemocratic model, and fighting for change.

And when we fight, we win – especially when we stand together and support
each other.

At USi we’re reporting the stories of workers and communities in struggle,
and asking you to show your support. We need a vibrant, alternative media
that tells the stories of our political struggles, and we need a
campaigning platform that links these struggles together.

So don’t let the pessimism of the mainstream media get you down! Read and
share the stories on our website and social media streams, and help to
build a vibrant, alternative media.
Here’s how you can help us:

   1. Visit our website every day, as well as our Facebook and Twitter
   feeds, and read the union and social movement stories we tell
   2. Share the stories on our site on the social networks you use, or
   print them off and put them on your noticeboard or in your union newsletter
   3. Write for us – tell us about a struggle you’re involved in, so we can
   help spread the world
   4. Get your union branch, co-op or student society to affiliate
   us. We need the political and financial support
   5. Sign up as a supporter for just £1 a month
   6. Tell us more about you
   We want to link people up with each other, to help build a horizontal
   network of activists. Tell us where you are, what sector you work in, and
   what you’re interested in.

Get involved! By linking our struggles, we make ourselves stronger.

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