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 Dear all,
as many of you had contacted us with relevant questions, please find a
short description on the proposals of the Greek Government for the "bridge
– programme" of the following four months.
Attached, for your convenience, you may find the full version of the
Thessaloniki Programme in EN and a short version in FR.

* Apparently, there have been fragmental and false leaks to the press with
regard to the text that  is going to   be send to the Eurogroup Finance
Ministers tomorrow. We therefore want to clarify that the reform list of
the Greek government includes the following:*

1.            All of the measures included in the first pillar of the
"Thessaloniki Programme", concerning the way to address the humanitarian
2.            Big parts of the second pillar concerning the recovery of the
real economy, with immediate priority given to: the settling of overdue
debts, the protection of people with mortgage arrears as well as the ending
of foreclosures of first residencies.
3.            The list includes all the structural reforms of the fourth
pillar of the "Thessaloniki Programme" such as:
a.            Fair and just tax system
b.            Combatting tax evasion
c.             Combatting entanglement and corruption
d.            Combatting smuggling (namely of fuel and tobacco)
e.            Rebuilding of the public sector- reducing bureaucracy

4. Labour reforms, particularly with regard to collective contracts and
bargaining agreements.

5. No reference is made to to the renown OECD toolkit but to the Gurria -
Tsipras agreement for necessary structural reforms needed by the country

6. Finally , no reference is made of the reinstatement of the laid off
workers in the public sector as the relevant minister has already declared
that their reinstatement is included in the recruitments, already
programmed for in the budget.

**The list of reforms is going to be send to the Eurogroup Finance
Ministers tomorrow, while in the later afternoon they will be holding a

**Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 12:00 am, there will be a cabinet meeting of the

Thank you all for your solidarity,

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