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Dear fellow souls,

Neal Donald Walsh has a coined a new phrase "soul's agenda" for what Mark
Gafni calls your "unique call."

The idea  of "souls agenda" or "unique call" is that every human has a
higher purpose for being on earth then just surviving or for just being
happy. They are here to accomplish something of great importance to
themselves, their family, their community for humanity and the earth.

If they hear their "call" -- if they prepare themselves to answer their
"call" -- if they answer their "call," then they will experience their life
as much more enlightened and make a *difference* for themselves, their
community and for life and the planet itself.

In Walsch's language, we need to discover our soul's agenda, and then make
all our choices from that agenda. If we do, we will discover that our
survival, earning our living, having great relationships, making a
difference, will all occur as a side effect of following our soul's agenda.

You can hear it today here

I have listened to much of it, and am finding it so enormously valuable,
that I paused the recording of Walsh's talk to inform as many as I can of
the opportunity to hear it.

Love Timothy

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