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Subject: #WeAreTeleSUR - plea for solidarity with teleSUR - a target of
coup plotters
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Dear friends and colleagues,

Perhaps you have heard already, but the Maduro government revealed a major
coup plot yesterday. One of the targets of this plot was the teleSUR
headquarters in Caracas, presumably to minimize how much news about the
coup would reach a larger international audience.

Given the attack that Venezuela is currently facing, both from within, in
the form of this coup plot, and from without, in the form of economic
destabilization attempts and corporate mass media distortions, it would be
great if everyone receiving this email could video record a brief statement
(15 seconds) declaring solidarity with teleSUR (and Venezuela) or take a
picture with our hashtag for the issue (#WeAreTeleSUR).

For full teleSUR coverage of the coup plot, you can go to our special
microsite, at:
Of course, all our coverage is at: www.telesurtv.net/english

If you can make such a statement - video or photo - please send it to me at
this email and we will get it out on our social media networks. Also, you
could send it out on your own twitter or facebook feeds, mentioning
@telesurenglish or www.facebook.com/telesruenglish

Thanks for your support!!
In solidarity,

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