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              Greetings Michel

Even when corresponding with someone it's rare we both know all the
relevant things eachother is doing. So I've decided to start a quarterly
round up. As we’ve written to each other in the last two years, I'm
including you in this initiative. If you dont want to get a round up from
me every 3 months, I'm sorry, please click click unsubscribe
and choose
"not interested".

Still here? Good, as my main reason for writing is to invite you to a festival
I’m organising
this summer on the shores of England’s largest lake. It’s on the themes of
leadership, sustainability and wellbeing and will bring together famous
cultural leaders, leadership trainers and academics from over 30 countries.
Speakers include Indian actor Nandita Das, author Charles Eisenstein, and
PR guru Lynne Franks. For 3 days from July 16th at Brathay Hall, there’ll
be music, kayaking, nature walks, yoga, tai chi, dance lessons, and
storytelling workshops. Oh, and some academic papers! Deadline for submitting
is March 16th. As it is during the summer holidays, we are providing a free
children's programme of professionally run outdoor activities - and
babysitting. The research festival is preceded by a 6 day course on
sustainable leadership
that I’m teaching. The festival and course are organised by the Institute
I founded in 2012.

At the bottom of this update I list more talks and workshops I’m doing in
the coming months in Geneva, Copenhagen, Cape Town, London, Lancaster, and
Ambleside (yay!). But first, I want to share some of my recent creations.
After "coming out" as a monetary activist in 2011, with a TEDx that nears
I wanted to connect this agenda to my prior two decades of work on
sustainable business. The result is the free introduction to my latest
book ‘Healing

Last year I also had the opportunity in my Inaugural Professorial lecture
to explain my view of both education and sustainability as exercises in
liberation, not control. This is the philosophy behind the courses we
launched last year, and the thinking is further explained in a new Occasional
Paper (pdf)
I wrote with Richard Little from the leadership development consultants
Impact International.

The Institute has a big year ahead of it. We are launching a portfolio of short
with Impact International, new MBAs on sustainability themes with the Robert
Kennedy College
and a specialist leadership development Masters <http://boardmember.odt>,
which I’ll be designing and teaching. You can even pay with Bitcoin for
this last course: something that put me on the BBC breakfast sofa
last year.

If any of these topics interest you, then do engage in the Sustainable
Leaders linked in group
or see my latest musings at www.jembendell.com

Over the next month I’m teaching my first ever Mass Open Online Course
(MOOC). It’s on the topic of Money and Society. If you are interested, read
about it here
and if interested join us with the next 48 hours here
(otherwise the next offering is in August). I’ll also be doing some
research with the Sustainable Stock Exchanges
initiative at the UN and finishing a book on NGO Leadership and
Accountability. But what I’m really looking forward to is taking up DJ-ing
again at the Leading Wellbeing festival
See you there!

        *Upcoming talks and workshops:*

   - March 18-21 London, UK: Lecturing on Sustainable Exchange masters
   - March 19 London, UK: Panellist at Tomorrow’s Transactions Forum
   - March 30 Geneva, Switzerland: Disruptive Leadership, talk at Hub
   - May 16 Copenhagen, Denmark: Keynote on Leadership, Transition World
   opening summit
   - May 18-21 Ambleside, UK: Workshop on Values-Inspired Leadership, at
   Impact International
   - June TBC Cape Town, South Africa: Escaping Monetary Apartheid. A
   lecture. Date and venue will be confirmed via www.jembendell.com
   - June 16 Ambleside, UK: Disruptive Leadership: Innovating major changes
   for sustainability, Open Lecture at Institute for Leadership and
   University of Cumbria.
   - June 17 and 18 Carlisle and Lancaster, UK. Engagement and Influence:
   How to Communicate Your Work, a workshop at the University of Cumbria.
   Request attendance via iflas at cumbria.ac.uk
   - July 10-15 Lecturing on the Certificate of Achievement in Sustainable
   - July 16 Ambleside, UK: Opening Address at Leading Wellbeing Research
   Festival, July 16-18.


My next update will be mid-May. So for more frequent info, join the Sustainable
Leaders Linked In group.

If you are wondering what happened to Lifeworth
the jobs portal moved to www.globethics.net
and my colleague Ian Doyle developed the consulting practice further. He
has been collaborating with GIZ for the last four years in its efforts to
develop CSR capacity as part of its programme ‘Bonne Gouvernance dans le
Secteur Minier’. In 2015, he will advising on the development of a mining
standard for mining companies based in Katanga. I think our 2011 report on
jewellery and mining, Uplifting the Earth
still rings true for those seeking a positive role for industry, despite
annoying the incumbents and greenwashers when it came out. Ian can be
contacted via idoyle at lifeworth.com                [image: Facebook]
<http://www.facebook.com/jem.bendell>   Facebook
<http://www.facebook.com/jem.bendell>    [image: Twitter]
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