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   Dear Michel Bauwens,

As part of STWR’s ‘global call for sharing
<http://news-stwr.org/M4P-36KE2-GR70YU-1GZQD0-1/c.aspx>’ campaign, we are
periodically highlighting the growing public debate on the need for wealth,
power and resources to be shared more equitably both within countries and
internationally. This debate is becoming more prominent by the day,
although it is often framed in an implicit context without directly
acknowledging how the principle of sharing is central to resolving today’s
interlocking crises. In this light, our latest editorial illustrates some
of the many and diverse ways in which a call for sharing is being
expressed, whether it’s by politicians, economists, campaigners, activists,
academics or anyone else.
*Newsletter editorial: February 2015*

*Campaign update*

To date, 635 people and 30 organisations have signed in support of STWR’s
‘global call for sharing’ campaign, from 49 countries as diverse as
Nicaragua, Vanuatu and Palestine. Recent endorsements include Tikkun
Magazine and the Network of Spiritual Progressives, which is co-chaired by
Rabbi Michael Learner and Dr. Vandana Shiva; the P2P collective and
cooperative Guerrilla Translation; the Aquarian Age Community; and the
online journal of solidarity and sustainability, Pelican Web. Thanks also
for the support of Robert J. Burrowes and Anita McKone of the People’s
Charter to Create a Nonviolent World.

If you have not done so already, you can endorse this initiative by adding
your name to the campaign statement and encouraging other individuals and
organisations to sign up.
*Sign the global call for sharing campaign*

*Recent articles and blogs *

*Beyond the market-state: decentralising power in a sharing society*
At a time when governments are failing abysmally to mitigate climate
change, reduce inequality or end poverty, the key to creating a more equal
and sustainable world is establishing participative forms of political
engagement at all levels of society – from the local to the global.

*Commons transition: STWR interviewed by the P2P Foundation*
As part of a series of interviews highlighting the need for a transition to
a commons-based society, STWR's Rajesh Makwana was asked about the ethic
and practice of sharing in relation to commoning and peer-to-peer

*The Tax Dodging Bill: it’s time for big corporations to pay their fair
share* <http://news-stwr.org/M4P-36KE2-GR70YU-1GZQD9-1/c.aspx>
This week, a coalition of NGOs have launched a campaign for a new law in
the UK that could make sure that corporations pay their fair share of taxes
to public coffers. Dubbed the ‘Tax Dodging Bill’, the proposed law could
generate at least £3.6 billion a year for the UK treasury (equivalent to
£600 for every household below the poverty line), and billions more for
developing countries.​

*A world of ‘sharing and caring’ won’t begin in Davos *
At this year’s gathering of the world’s richest and most powerful at Davos,
the World Economic Forum founder has urged delegates that the motto for
their 2015 meeting should be ‘sharing and caring’.

*Oxfam’s latest bombshell on how unequally the world’s wealth is shared*
Twitter feeds and newspaper headlines were again dominated this morning by
new statistics on growing wealth inequality, as released by Oxfam ahead of
this week’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum.​

*Leading Churchmen in Britain call for a more equal and sharing society*
The Church of England has spoken out in trenchant terms about the extreme
inequality that defines modern Britain, arguing today that moral principles
and sharing should underpin the foundations of society.

*Studies on the principle of sharing*

Two new German translations of Mohammed Mesbahi’s ongoing series of essays
are now available, which examine the principle of sharing from political,
social and spiritual perspectives.

*Kommerzialisierung: die Antithese des Teilens*

*Ein Diskurs über Ismen und das Prinzip des Teilens*

*A full list of this series of studies can be found here*

*Support our work*

Our research and advocacy work would not be possible without your ongoing
support. STWR is funded entirely through private donations from
individuals, and we do not receive any funding from governments or other
institutions. Nor are we affiliated with any political party or corporate
enterprise. Please consider making a donation to support STWR by following
this link <http://news-stwr.org/M4P-36KE2-GR70YU-1GZPVW-1/c.aspx>.

You can also follow us on the following social networking websites:

·         *Facebook* <http://news-stwr.org/M4P-36KE2-GR70YU-1GZQDC-1/c.aspx>

·         *Twitter* <http://news-stwr.org/M4P-36KE2-GR70YU-1GZQDB-1/c.aspx>

·         *Scoop it!*

Best wishes,



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