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Subject: TOWARD AN OPEN CO-OPERATIVISM in commonstransition.org

Hi friends.

I’ve formatted and edited “Toward an Open Co-Operativism” for both the
Commons Transition Webpage and the wiki. This follows the same formatting
convention as the updated Commons Transition plans. All the footnotes have
been hyperlinked within the text and the index has been reformatted as a
table of contents in the wiki. Here are the links.

   -        On the Commons Transition Website
   -        Onthe Commons Transition Wiki.

I had originally intended to serialise the paper, but I’ve uploaded it as a
static page and grouped it with the Transition plans. We can serialise it
in the P2P blog, split in 4 parts:

   1. Introduction
   2. At the Crossroads + Open Cooperativism
   3. New synergies
   4. Making it Happen + Conclusions

Each part can include links to the full versions in commonstransition.org
and the CT wiki. We can also serialise it in Commons Transition itself a
couple of months from now, to keep it upfront and visible. For now, please
forward the links I've provided and share with your networks.

Additionally, I will publish the deep dive report in the coming weeks, as
its own separate piece.



Check out the Commons Transition Plan here at:

P2P Foundation: http://p2pfoundation.net  - http://blog.p2pfoundation.net

http://twitter.com/mbauwens; http://www.facebook.com/mbauwens

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