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A heavy pedagogic speech form a young person as Iglesias, especially for
the radical and less radical left politicians, parties, and fractions:

Hope that they, including those part of Podemos cadre and members, not only
would hear and share the philosophy behind these words, but reproduce them
with conscious practice of mutual empowerment at the level of organization,
while embedding in the policy projects they would create. Enabling
emancipatory cultures to grow, spread and colonize the existing culture
that has been creating and consolidating collective misery and learned
self-helplessness, is also the only way to get the support from the
grassroots in order to be able to make change at this level. In return it
would be possible for Podemos (or Syriza) to get the support needed to
confront the expected resistance and offensive from the state apparatus and
corporate media -that is designed to reduce people to receivers of
mainstream opinions and transmitting vote.
It seems like there is here a clear and strong pattern appearing, to work
on and improve, which might allow to extend the collaborative interactions
between the political party form, and other forms of emerging networked
agency of autonomous or semi-autonomous collective social organizations,
such as coops, foundations, associations, communities, and labour unions.
This can be seen as progressive path weather is called partner state or
something else.


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