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I do feel hurt when my desire for a more authentic communication is seen as a belief in instantaneous wish fulfilment. 

But I'm guessing that when you talk about me not appreciating how difficult this process is, and my expecting it to happen instantaneously, that you might be feeling that it is easier for me, that I am ready, and do not struggle with it as you do. 

If that is the case, perhaps it might be more helpful if I were to talk about how difficult I find it to put these feelings into words, or take on board what someone else is saying, how often I might dismiss what they say by making judgements before I can really hear what is being said, what a struggle it is to try and stay with what is real and alive.

On 5 Feb 2015, at 09:24, Michel Bauwens <michel at p2pfoundation.net> wrote:

by the way, I am not disagreeing that such a radical shift is desirable, what I am pointing out is the complexity of this wished for change, and especially the belief that this radical change can happen in an instant in time, rather than a process;

the only realistic option is that the people who think they are ready, start right now with micro-communities ... as someone who has lived in three failed communes, I can tell you, not even that is easy ...

but we are practicing what we preach in the p2p foundation, with difficulty, with problems, but attempting it nevertheless

but I don't find it productive to blame social movements because they are not perfect and in that way, if support is withdrawn rather than constructively embraced, to in fact support the social forces that are tremendously worth ./

we have already seen how the anti-political and purist attitude of some 15M and Occupiers led to radically worse right wing governments destroying the social fabric even more,

so I am with the people who are imperfectly trying to better the situations,

radical vision, meliorist approaches .. until we can move faster and further, as reality will dictate

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