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 Dear Michel,

Major changes are happening in the global economy, especially within the
more industrialized countries, that have the potential to undermine the
power of mammoth corporations and create a more egalitarian and sustainable
society. New technologies allow people to share their belongings with
others (the sharing economy), build new things without needing massive
infrastructures (distributed production), finance initiatives without the
use of banks (peer-to-peer financing) and to develop new technologies and
share them without restrictive patent systems (open source and knowledge
movements). Collectively, these different advances have been termed the
collaborative economy. *This issue will focus exclusively on the sharing
economy but we will return to these other pieces of the collaborative
economy in another issue. *

*Read Encounters #5 here in PDF format.


While these initiatives hold the potential for a better economy, it will
depend on how they are constructed, as some parts of the collaborative
economy already look frustratingly similar to the current economy. Concerns
include how to guarantee the rights of people doing the labor, who benefits
from that labor, and what of the low-wage workers who are displaced by a
new unregulated industry? Ultimately, how do we move toward a
transformational sharing that shifts the social and power dynamics to
support the whole body of Christ?

 The Maryknoll OGC Faith-Economy-Ecology Team

*What is the sharing economy and how does it benefit the common good?
Local small-scale initiatives like tool sharing, time banking and community
land trusts can increase sustainability and equity among participants and
ensure that communities look within to meet their needs. But some are
beginning to question whether aspects of the larger sharing economy are an
improvement over the current patterns of wealth creation and distribution.

 *[image: airbnb]Follow the money
Who profits from the sharing economy? Is it the workers who provide car
rides or rooms in their homes, or is it a centralized corporation? What is
needed to ensure that everyone is rewarded for their contributions and that
small sharing companies are able to maintain their independence? What can
we learn from the models offered by Airbnb, Lyft, and Uber?

 *Uncharted territory: Is the sharing economy legal?
The sharing economy brings with it a host of legal questions related to
taxation, public safety, insurance and more. This economic model exists
almost entirely in legal gray areas. Will it produce more fights than

*Is the sharing economy dignified work?
With the economic downturn, thousands of jobs were lost. While the
unemployment rate has improved recently, many of new jobs are part-time or
are filled with people in the informal economy, including the sharing
economy. How should full-time crowd-sourcing in the open source arena be
compensated? What does the change in how we conceptualize work mean for the
strides we have made towards fair wages, paid sick time, occupational
safety, and other benefits hard won by the labor force?

*Building a sharing economy for all God’s people
How do we move from profit-driven transactional sharing to transformational
sharing based on a shift on power and social dynamics?

 *Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns*
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