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Thanks for this response. What I sense is that it's OK to pursue this topic as long as it is kept separate from the efforts focussed on political and theoretical change. Yet my point is that this is absolutely intrinsic to what p2p is about, the inner and outer aspects of the same thing. Nothing needs to be added, just allowing what is already there to be revealed, and not putting energy into resisting it.

Focussing on external achievements, as in the example of Podemos you gave, can lead to frustration and despair. Unless these feelings are addressed they can sabotage movement solidarity. Likewise the joy and excitement of sharing and collaboration are an integral part of our evolving humanity.

“Without developing the inner culture of the human being, we cannot develop a sustainable future.” E F Schumacher

The inspiring review of Chris Dixon's book by Garces points to the same need to include a more wholistic consciousness in our relationships. Otto Scharma makes the same point. 'We might say it this way: The success of our actions as change-makers does not depend on what we do or how we do it, but on the inner place from which we operate.'


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from my own engagement with integral theory and clare graves work on the evolution of consciousness, I think it is totally illusory to expect a general shift of consciousness to collective wisdom ..

people who feel ready to do so, should do it with those willing to follow them; but changing the general culture of society and social movements is a long and arduous road, taking generations ...

you have to start above all with what is, warts and all ... see how the democratic structure of podemos has already changed, even before and power shift, towards a shift conducive to the leadership ... you can wish otherwise, but the shift was endorsed by 80 perent or more of the membership ... this is what you have to work with, making progress wherever you can ... and compared to the barbarians in power now, it is already a substantial shift,


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Otto Scharma's book 'Leading from the Emerging Future' is available for free download. Here is the Intro which is well worth reading. In my opinion, while this approach is not complete in itself, it would make an enriching addition towards the collaborative commons.

Check out the Commons Transition Plan here at: http://en.wiki.floksociety.org/w/Research_Plan 

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