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Thanks Marita, for the work, also thanks Rami, Carminda, Jasper,
myself, Marisa, Dean, Piran, Miki, Vica and others who has joined and
collaborated on this!

Here is the working pad, where participants can suggest and modify the
agenda: https://titanpad.com/globalsquare17

Below suggestions, to kick of the wiki 'agenda setting' process, that
is open to everyone, made by me.

"Proposed Agenda

0. Check-ins and deciding who will do the moderation, notes, stacks,
and follow up work.

1. Updates and feelings about, as well as any relevant input re the
transnational networking at the grasroots level towards, in, around,
and beyond Tunis WSF 2015 > Quebec 2016 > as well as other events like
ECB action, COOP15, or election of Syriza, and support for Podemos?
the return of Hong Kong protestors,...

2. [Orsan] Presentation of Global Square, on social media, email
lists, to WSF participants and in general.

Adding somehing like this to text, and site, to welcome new people,
inform them more openly.

Hosting initiatives and individuals:

Global Square is an open idea and action to create collaborative and
inspiring commons spaces in around and beyond the World Social Forums.
Anyone who you like to join and collaborate with us ismore then
welcome. Please ask and request anything you need and like to know
about the backgound, processes, and vision we put forward
collectively. [Here I suggest we could give links from engaged people,
their initiatives, and from the GS website - adding these to FB event
as host, making collaboration and core info visible]

3. Proposed events:

[Orsan] Proposal for an open, horizontal, transnational work-group for
an event: "Networking alternative modes of productions bottom up":
inviting those people directly involved in commons, floss, p2p
communities, worker and ciziten coops, and autonomous alternative
solidarty economy networks coming to Tunis, as well as the ngo/cso
type oganisations that for any purposes supporting these groups in one
way or another (draft text is in progress, inc. description, process,
targe groups, content.. will be posted here tomorrow or the day



6. Round up: Follow up work (and who will do what)
Nest meeting date
Checking out"

Bst, Orsan

On 2 February 2015 at 13:34, marita <maciacia50 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> https://www.facebook.com/events/425777997575039/
> event in facebook to invite people to the meeting
> Marita
> El 29/01/2015, a las 13:02, marita escribió:
> Call for the next Global square meeting on Friday 6th of February  6pm CET
> time
> Check your local time here: time zone converter
> (http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html)
> Proposal to open a ''Global Square'' during the World Social Forum 2015 in
> Tunis
> Our  squares are homes to our ideas and aspirations, in them we struggle, in
> them we shout  at injustices, in them we share alternatives and build
> dreams. During  the World Social Forum 2015 in Tunisia, the '' Global
> Square '' will be  open to all those who are fighting in the streets to
> build the necessary change.
> Using  the  ''open space'' methodology, the program (clearly indicated on a
> board during the WSF) will be permanently open to the organization of
> assemblies, workshops, creative activities, sharing of knowledge and
> methodologies, etc.
> And this space will also encourage spontaneous   meetings, music and
> creativity...
> Nuestras  plazas son los albergues de nuestras ideas y esperanzas, en ellas
> luchamos, en ellas gritamos las injusticias, en ellas compartimos
> alternativas y construimos suenos. Durante el Foro Social Mundial 2015  en
> Tunes, la ''Plaza Global'' (''Global Square'') se convertira en un  espacio
> abierto para todos aquellos y aquellas que luchan en las calles  por el
> cambio.
> Usando la  metodologia ''foro abierto'' a programacion (claramente indicada
> en un  tablero durante el FSM) estara permanentemente abierta para la
> organizacion de asambleas, talleres, actividades creativas, compartir de
> saberes y metodologias, etc.
> Y este espacio estara también abierto para  favorecer encuentros
> espontaneos, musica y creatividad...
> FR
> Nos  places publiques sont les hôtes de nos idées et de nos aspirations. On
> y  lutte, on y crie les injustices, on y partage des alternatives et on y
> construit nos rêves. Au cours du Forum Social Mondial 2015 en Tunisie,
> ''Global Square'' (''Place Globale'') deviendra un espace ouvert pour  tous
> ceux et celles qui luttent dans les rues pour construire le changement
> nécessaire
> Utilisant la  méthodologie de ''forum ouvert'', la programmation (clairement
> indiquée  au cours du FSM) sera ouverte en permanence à l'organisation
> d'assemblées, d'ateliers, d'activités créatives, au partage de
> connaissances et de méthodologies, etc.
> Cet espace encouragera aussi les  rencontres spontanées, la musique et la
> créativité...
> Pad: https://titanpad.com/globalsquare17
> The meeting will be on Mumble
> Mumble  is a voice chat Open Source software
> How to join Mumble: http://www.global-square.net/how-to-join/
> download Mumble and go to:
> Label: tomalaplaza.net
> Server:  tomalaplaza.net
> Port: 64738
> Channel: International/plaza de los pueblos
> Nickname: Your name/nick
> Signs we use in the text chat during our mumble meetings:
> WWWW or +1  = agree
> MMMMM or -1   = disagree
> ****turn****        = ask for turn
> +++++             = direct response
> TTTTT               = technical point
> #####           = please kindly try to conclude your intervention, I
> understood you :)
> Some information about GlobalSquare
> web site: http://www.global-square.net //website down????
> Mailing list: You can subscribe here / vous pouvez vous inscrire ici:
> http://openfsm.net/projects/2011movements-fsm-wsf/lists/2011movements-fsm-wsf-discussion
> All from Global Square in Tunis:
> http://titanpad.com/globalsquaresassembliesTunis
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