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This was a nice article. It's refreshing to see something on this 
subject that doesn't wallow in the dystopian and can offer a more 
positive outlook.

This notion of an Algorithmic Self relates to what I've come to call 
Social-Semantic Networking and the concept of the Digital Tao. What the 
author describes as that personal software associated with the 
Algorithmic Self I envision as the personal portion of a social 
information web as part of a local semantic desktop platform like 
Netention. And this serves as front-end interacting with a larger 
social-semantic web platform. The basic point of a semantic web is to 
automate the associations between information and in a social-semantic 
network this is used to auto-associate the cumulative 'stories' of 
people's lives and personal information (a personal 'spime', if you 
will) in order to seek mutually constructive connections across a 
community and within a networked infrastructure without having to 
publicly share private information. (because it's making associations 
based on metadata rather than direct information which only needs to be 
shared within the limited contexts of exchanges) Through analysis of 
association within the personal semantic web models of personal need and 
intent can be created and related to the intents of others, thus 
allowing the larger social semantic web to create a basis of what I call 
a cybernetic pronoia conspiracy--the Internet as a silent conspiracy 
that's out to help you and everyone else because the network actually 
understands you as a person. This also creates the basis of social 
capital in the form of reputation and an alignment between the modeled 
intent of an individual and the intent of the larger society as a 
measure of personal merit. (this being used to mediate the access to 
resources above a common baseline--the Integral Basic Income coded into 
general production demand priorities) The idea of the Digital Tao is a 
notion of total socio-economic automation through the integration of a 
social-semantic web with an environmental sensor web, a Smart Habitat 
web as part of the infrastructure of the built habitat, and an open 
reciprocal production web deriving from the progressive dispersal, 
localization, and infrastructure integration of production and 
distribution systems. The Digital Tao relates a model of societal intent 
and individual social capital to a deep quantitative analysis of supply 
and demand so as to use predictive demand projection to drive production 
instead of flows of currency. (assuming, of course, we've achieved a 
shift in culture wto here we stop needing money to live by virtue of UBI 
and stop chasing wealth to buy love or the consumer crap to futilely 
substitute for it...) So the 'tao' in this sense is the current of 
societal needs and intent reflected in a 'weight' of resource flows and 
production priorities coded into the stigmergic organization of the 
production web. This determines the baseline for the integral basic 
income--the baseline of goods on-demand needed to keep people generally 
comfortable--and the less routine flows to meet exceptional personal and 
group resource demands (for personal and group projects) based on 
individual and pooled social capital. The future production web is like 
a colony of ants or termites whose behavior is managed by set of 
dynamically weighted priorities determined by the intent modeled in the 
social-semantic network and which 'smells' geographical concentrations 
or pools of demand and social capital to direct resource flows to meet 
that demand.

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> Hi Michel,
> Hope you're well. Continuing on personal algorithms, data ethics, UX 
> and super-intelligent AI: 
> http://techcrunch.com/2015/12/14/your-algorithmic-self-meets-super-intelligent-ai/
> Always curious hearing what you think, thanks! -Jarno M. 
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