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Dear all,

I am happy to provide you with a report regarding P2P Lab's 2013 work and
our forthcoming publications which will be shared in the list every time a
final proof-read manuscript is ready. In an 11-blog-post series in the P2P
blog starting in November, we will demonstrate findings, outcomes and
arguments developed and articulated in these research papers.

The full publication list (a considerable amount of papers was based on
cases developed by colleagues) of P2P Lab can be found at the end of this

All the best,


P2P Lab publ.list:

1. Kostakis, V., Fountouklis, M. & Drechsler, W. (2013) Peer production and
desktop manufacturing: The case of the Helix_T wind turbine
*Science, Technology & Human Values*, 38(6): 773 - 800.

2.  Kostakis, V. & Papachristou, M. (2013). Commons-based peer production
and digital fabrication: The case of a RepRap-based, Lego-built 3D
*Telematics & Informatics*.

3. Kostakis, V. & Drechsler, W. (Forthcoming). Commons-based peer
production and artistic expression: Two cases from Greece. *New Media &

4. Kostakis, V., Niaros, V. & Giotitsas, C. (Forthcoming). Production and
governance in hackerspaces: A manifestation of Commons-based peer
production in the physical realm?. *International Journal of Cultural

5. Kostakis, V. & Bauwens M. (contracted). *Network Society and Future
Scenarios for a Collaborative Economy*. Palgrave Macmillan Pivot.

6. Kostakis, V., Niaros, V. & Giotitsas, C. (Forthcoming). Open source 3d
printing as a means of learning: An educational experiment in two high
schools in Greece. *Information, Communication &

7. Kostakis, V. & Stavroulakis, S. (2013). The parody of the
*TripleC: Cognition, Communication, Co-operation*, 11 (2): 412-424.

8. Kostakis, V. & Giotitsas, C. (Forthcoming). Public information as a
Commons: The case of ERT and the peer-to-peer
*International Journal of E-Governance*.

9.  Kostakis, V. (2013). At the turning point of the current
techno-economic paradigm: Commons-based peer production, desktop
manufacturing and the role of civil society in the Perezian
*TripleC: Cognition, Communication, Co-operation*, 11(1): 173 - 190

10.  Bauwens, M. & Kostakis, V. (Forthcoming). The reconfiguration of time
and place after the emergence of peer-to-peer infrastructures. Araya, D.
(Ed.). *Technopolis: Smart cities as democratic
New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

11. Kostakis, V., Giotitsas, C. & Papanikolaou, G. (Ed.) (Forthcoming).*Το
ομότιμο κίνημα και τα Κοινά*. Ioannina: Voreiodytikes

12. Kostakis, V. (2013). H ανάδυση της ομότιμης προοπτικής: Η δημόσια
πληροφορία ως Kοινό, η περίπτωση του ψηφιακού αρχείου της E.P.T. και η
προσέγγιση του κράτους
Theseis, 123: 127 - 141.
13. Bauwens, M. & Kostakis, V. (2013). Ένα σημείωμα για το μέλλον του
καπιταλισμού και των Κοινών και μία πρόταση,

Dr. Vasilis Kostakis

Research Fellow
Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance

Research Director
P2P Lab: http://p2plab.gr/en/
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