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Client-Server State-Capital Partnerships
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Dear comrades and friends,

Finally, started to reshape the Networked Labour web spaces in a way
it could bring people, materials, news, calls, links, tools, blogs,
etc. in a more efficient and collaborative ans distributed way.

Please check out the changes and give your feedback in any way you find

Below is a quick description of the changes in progress towards
opening, liberating and p2p distributing the web spaces: :

1.Home page is now, the hopefully, collective blog
Anyone who is registered to the site can post to this blog him/herself
with their names. Anyone who still didn't register to the site and
wish to do so please let me know. In case you would like to give an
hand to the development of the site, with posting, editing and
modification of blog posts and other entries let me know, so I will
register you and/or give you relevant electronic role:

2. Maps and Agendas: a space to build collaborative E.maps and
E.agendas of labour struggles, networks, researches, initiatives, new
organisational forms, mobilisations,... will be launched in this space
very soon..

3. Under the Hubs and Nodes:
there are new categories like, campaign networks, research networks,
academic units, labour unions, so on and personal links (under the
nodes). all are open lists, not only my close circles and friends as
Peter suggested as a joke during Amsterdam event:) but all you could
add\ delete\ modify this list

4. Under the 'Social Nerwotk' tag,
You will see the list of existing electronic collaborative spaces we
have out side, but linked to the website. These are
this email list
facebook page
unionbook work group
collaborative pad:
twitter account:
and scoop.it pages:

5. Under the TechTools: http://www.networkedlabour.net/appstools/
There will be list of Free Libre and Open Source Software Applications
that are safe and useful for unionists, labour and social justice
activists. This is am open list all of you are 'nv'ted to add, delete,
modify things on this list as well...

6. Under the Resources: http://www.networkedlabour.net/resources/
there will be various materials and links to presentations, articles,
free e-books, training materials, videos, sounds, podcasts, so on.
Same is valid, please add, modify etc. these too.

As you see, there is a massive amount of work ahead, around which we
need to network our labour, in order to make this free and liberated
space. open all individuals, and networks related to labour, to freely
find and engage with each other('s work).

Therefore I would lıke to encourage all in the list(s), to join in the
collaborative side of this work by posting news, calls, other info
from yourself, your work, and networks....and to spread this call as
wide as possible backwards.

In case you like to put your labour yourself, by registering and
asking for relevant role on the website please let me know. Otherwise,
please indicate your request  at the end of your emails which you will
post on the e-list, or simply by writing down here on the open pad:

in solidarity, Orsan
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