[P2P-F] not publishing next binding chaos review

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Dear Anna,

I reacted in a friendly way as soon as the accusations streamed in, asked
Kevin to correct the oversight, and got a torrent of lies and abuse in
return, while we are to blame for the oversight, that's really all we did.

And given that the core of the accusation and unhappiness was that we
published the excerpts she had asked us to publish herself, it would be
particularly unwise to publish more, I have really learned my lesson. For
two years we published and promoted Heather's work, and I don't know much
other people who did. All that material is still there for people to read
and think about.

Without serious apologies for the harm she caused, for me, that is the end
of the story. It's not censorship, I just don't want anymore diffamation
campaigns and will stay away as far as I can,


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Hi Kevin and Michel, I feel sad that this 'ruckus' has resulted in
censoring Heather's work. Could we admit that a misunderstanding resulted
from right and wrong on both sides, rather than trying to maintain a
totally blameless stance? Since things have now settled down, would it be
possible to review the decisions taken in the heat of battle?

Best wishes, Anna

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