[P2P-F] anonymous campaign against p2p-foundation

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Heather now says she is against p2p governance and p2p theory and says she
published diagrams showing it can't work,

but looking at the excerpts I have seen now and before, she is talking
about exactly this, and discussing processes such as stigmergy that were
treated by us about five years ago,

in other words, the approval economy, is not essentially that different
from what we mean by peer production and what is covered under 'p2p
theory'. She reworks and expands on a body of work that has been
circulating before,

Without the ruckus, this could have been the basis of mutual enrichment,



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Please let us have a few days to calm down.
Obviously heather overreacted, got angry. Her chapter on the approval
economy might explain why she is sensitive about Attribution.

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