[P2P-F] anonymous campaign against p2p-foundation

Michel Bauwens michel at p2pfoundation.net
Sun Nov 10 21:37:26 CET 2013

thanks for the comments,

Kevin/Tom: of course this could be some cointelpro, or it could just be a
personal issue, how would we be able to know this ?

on a rational level, this is xtremely difficult to understand: we had
friendly relations with heather, promoted her work, and she asked us to
publish these excerpts herself. How could she forget ? that seems so
impossible to fathom.

and once she knew about the oversight, why did she not relent, but on the
contrary escalated?

as for orsan's remark,

she believes we make money out of our curation, and that we are publicly
funded. Of course you know both are wrong. We make zero income on that
curation, all the wiki and blog work is free labour, and the very reason of
my precarity , lack of heath insurance etc (including months with no money
for food, solved by family solidarity): I have occasionally received very
small sub-minimum wage contributions via james, when we fundraised in times
of crisis;

now, we won a EU grant, not for the p2p foundation, but to pay researchers
that do actual research for the project (and none of that money has come in
yet); this is not public funding for the foundation

my situation is not rare, most of our associates live in precarious
circumstances with very low incomes, and none of p2p-f volunteering is
funded; we are all trying to do our best to generate derivative funding
from the market

next year is the first year I can look forward to monthly wages since 2007;
and it will used to fill holes and bring my family to Ecuador.

So no, we are not profiting from heather; on the contrary, we were helping
her to get her ideas across to more people, costing us energy and time .

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