[P2P-F] "anonymous campaign against p2p-foundation"

Michel Bauwens michel at p2pfoundation.net
Sun Nov 10 19:43:46 CET 2013

*Anonymous Operations*@YourAnonCentral<https://twitter.com/YourAnonCentral>

A mob of overfunded old white men raging about an activists 'ego' &
'hysteria' after they stole her work. Nice.
@P2P_Foundation <https://twitter.com/P2P_Foundation>

dear friends,

if you haven't noticed, after falsely accusing us of stealing her work (she
herself sent us her excerpts to publish); and 7/8 exploding accusations,
Heather Marsh, who doesn't know me nor the p2p foundation, is continuing a
disinfo campaign through the heavily following Anonymous account;

I can't possibly defend myself and the P2P Foundation alone against this,
so I hope I won't be alone in refuting these allegations or pointing out
that Anonymous is chosing a wrong target.

Above, they seem to believe that P2P-F is publicly funded, and ignore the
real precarity and sacrifice of the many people working with and around

This is extremely sad, and I am frankly baffled,

Michel Bauwens

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