[P2P-F] p2p foundation internationalization

Marco Giustini info at marcogiustini.info
Fri Nov 1 01:58:07 CET 2013

Could be useful to make an Wordpress+Mediawiki integration install, using
subdomains, for languages or for counties. Like ita.p2pf.net or

2013/11/1 Nicolás Reynolds <fauno at endefensadelsl.org>

> Marco Giustini <info at marcogiustini.info> writes:
> > I think is needed to localize contents collected by the wiki and the
> > blog of p2pfoundation. And more, is needed to create local communities
> > in different languages than english. If someone is interested in that
> > project, could be possible to try to build the internet infrastructure
> > without touching the original www.p2pfoundation.net website. For this
> > reason I registered the domain www.p2pf.net.  If someone is interested
> > in the project I can donate the domain to the community.
> i was recently trying the Translate extension for MediaWiki, it seems
> really cool to keep translated articles in sync with the original
> language.
> if using Wordpress, there's a similar plugin for articles...
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