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New research has found that *functional stupidity* can help companies in
the short term by blocking doubt and communication.

"It is a double-edged sword. It is functional because it has some
advantages and makes people concentrate enthusiastically on the task in
hand," said Alvesson, who conducted the research with colleague André
Spicer. "It is stupid because risks and problems may arise when people do
not pose critical questions about what they and the organization are
Not surprisingly, certain industries are more likely to accept functional
stupidity as a part of their corporate identity. In particular, the
researchers found that industries that sell intangible services and branded
products are more likely to develop atmospheres with functional stupidity.

"Functional stupidity is prominent in economies that are dominated by
persuasion using images and symbolic manipulation," said Alvesson. "It is
preferable that people have an enthusiastic
an activity which may not necessarily fulfill a need. New management may be
required to manage the fine balance and possible pitfalls of functional

The research was published in the November issue of the Journal of
Management Studies.
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