[P2P-F] emergent holoptism as OCL Re: open capital License?

flawer flawer at shareful.be
Thu Feb 7 09:24:22 CET 2013

> the visualization of past transactions as a form of reputation ,
> or of currently described contexts and suggestions, can speak for
> itself :)
> I guess, very much like on e-bay or couchsurfing

i tend to dislike these models.. people forced me to comment in cs and 
i am browsing too much of a overhappied load, but i admit that it works 
for the majority.  i prefer the 'no news are good news', archive bad 
reputation only, and then having a little of bad reputation could be a 
wished reputation  (it is better some visible reputation than no visible 
reputation, maybe :).

>   i guess this depends on the
>  owner of the ontology, the relations he allowed that concept to be
>  transferable with.[...]
> yes, ideally ontologies would be free to use...  

but not that much free to relate to other ontologies (concept creator 
moderate its semantics, altough it could be crowdsourcedly inputed or 
reviewed too).. or it's pure folksonomy.

> one would need to convene to use the same ontologies...
> though perhaps som
> meaning giving ?

through the defining, and the adding of (reviewable, crwodsourced) 
hints for developing for the concept (i.e. coward) and +1s for those.. 
is how i initially thought this karmic wealth (coward, etc points) to be 
generated. It can be used for relating material resources transactions

>> Or natural language processing... but perhaps that becomes more
>> complex, and I do no

uhm... let's start by trying to find universalizable meaningful sets of 

human values maybe....

or play with just verbs or just nouns for defining other things..

or go back to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onomatopeia (although it has 
some dialects by longitude and latitude :)

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